A Moment With Mimi

An eternal perspective is something we choose and foster, and one really effective way to do that is attending to a multigenerational perspective. When it comes to big life realities like watching your children have children, noticing how our stories are not silos but they merge and bleed into the lives around us, losing parents, taking the ups and downs of heartache and celebration… we are wise to consider how that looks for people a step ahead and a step behind us. We’re better prepared as our own stories unfold, and we generate better understanding for those around us.

Enter Mimi.

Once a month you can taste some of her thoughts on legacy, being a grandparent, discipleship and so much more. Be sure to pay attention to the end of her posts — there will be suggested action steps related to the topic. You’re going to love it.

Angela “Mimi” Herrington

Marriage 45 Years In

Marriage 45 Years In

What does love have in common with Charles Dickens’ famous novel A Tale of Two Cities? The opening sentence “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” makes you want to proceed with caution. But think about how those contrasts apply to marriage. When my...

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