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Nothing will ever take the place of time in your Bible. It’s alive and active, and I don’t know of any other book that can claim that. But, some resources help us navigate it better. And some are just super great at sharpening us and pointing towards truth. The resources listed below are some favorites. My hope is that something here would serve you well.

Firmly Planted; Facing 5 Challenges of Mom Life

by: Emily Taylor
The work of a Mom ripples into eternity. So I started asking some questions. After 2 yeas of interviewing moms at varying points in their experiences, some consistent chal-lenges surfaced. Themes surfaced. Challenges that seemed nearly universal in nature inspired the study that flowed from these pages. Written to encourage, equip and in-spire moms who hope to stand with feet firmly planted in truth. Available on Amazon.


START’s highly acclaimed Screen Sanity program has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and Diane Sawyer for ABC news. And now, it’s available in the form of a group study. They’ve packed their favorite screentime tips and tricks into one book so you can unpack them with your book club, PTO, church group, pro-fessional development team-or even by yourself after the kids are tucked in bed. With book purchase or free download, you gain access to ten video-guided chapters—specifically designed to spark face-to-face conversation with others in a casual setting. Each chapter contains a video, discussion questions, take home tips, and a list of addi-tional resources.


by: Christina Dart
Of all the resources I could jump up and down over, this is the one. Why? Because it is simple. Anyone at any point in their journey in the Bible could use it and get something out of it. Using this strategy of reading your Bible will allow you to leave having meaningfully processed what you read. And it’s free for you to download today.

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Bible Project

Maybe one of my favorites right now. Videos with clear summaries of books of the Bi-ble, seminary level online classes, beautiful books, you will grow your understanding of the unified story of the Bible by spending time here.

Bible Recap

Tara Lee Coble did an amazing thing. She worked her tail off to create a Bible reading plan that parallels with a podcast summarizing the reading. I have learned more than I dreamed possible, and done it with consistency and accountability. If you’ve ever picked up our Bible and not been sure of what to read in what order… this is for you. You can find it on your Bible App, or pretty much any podcasting app.

Jenny Allen Dream Guide
I have used this resource for the last several years and loved it. If you are interested in making your next year happen with purpose and intention in all the most important ways, this tool is a must. Then… get your people together and go over it together. You’ll know each other better, and you’ll sharpen one another at the same time. Trust me on this.

New Morning Mercies

This is one yearly devotional so packed full of gospel truth that the one page you’ll read will be enough to savor and mull over — and still point you towards time in your actual Bible. I’ve given more copies of this away than perhaps any other book I’ve ever owned.

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