Annnnd we continue from our previous post on how to hear God’s voice.  I still think Tahiti would be a great place to hear from God.  Waiting on that clear calling… insert dreamy sigh.

Listen for Truth and watch for Persistence: When you start getting an impression that won’t go away, an urge to move somehow, a drive to do something, go somewhere, talk to someone, etc.; a “calling” of sorts; consider whether your potential follow through is consistent with truth; what God says in his words to us through the Bible.  God will NEVER ask us to do something inconsistent with the leading and direction he has already confirmed and established as truth.  And no other comparison will work.  95% of the rest of the population or your circle of influence might be confirming something, but if it’s not consistent with scripture, you don’t have to think about it anymore.  I think sometimes we honestly justify our actions when we’re not comfortable with acknowledging alternate leading.  Like the 12 million morel mushrooms I ate last weekend.  I mean, these things are only in season for a few weeks!  And I LOVE this thought originating with Priscilla Shirer:

“When God speaks to you… If you notice a consistent message confirmed through the leading of the Holy Spirit, the Scripture, your circumstances, and other people… pay close attention.  God is repeating Himself to make sure you get the message.”

God wants us to hear from him!!  So I think it only makes sense that he uses multiple resources to make his voice clear.  He isn’t some distant jerk leaving riddles around for us to process and having a chuckle when he gets the best of us.  He deeply desires that we would not miss it!

Peace or unsettledness – What are you sensing?  While granted, we cannot always trust our feelings – otherwise we likely would have already killed a few people and stolen a few things; we can still tune into our sense of peace and weigh it next to other indicators.  I often experience God’s leading through a sense of peace when he is affirming and unsettledness when he is averting.  It was true when I married Brandon, and when we bought our house, and when we launched a business.  Peace is a natural outpouring of obedience to God’s direction, even when it’s calling us into an area of potential discomfort.  Our friends adopted a beautiful girl from Ethiopia a couple of years ago.  Total blessing and incredible addition to their family.  Easy – absolutely not. Acclimation to a new country, new family, and new culture was insanely difficult for a long time, but they were so sure of God’s voice leading them in this decision that they had an overwhelming sense of peace amidst the difficulty.  The alternative – unsettledness or anxiety can be his 5 star alarm to your heart to “back away.”

Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit.  I know this sounds really churchy – but it’s kind of huge.  For people who have decided to place their faith in Jesus – making him “The Boss” (that’s the phrase we use around here – my eldest once reminded me God was our big boss – not Dada.  Umm, true, but God is for you eating your veggies – you can have a talk with Daniel about that someday); we also have the gift of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  He will act as a counselor, beef up our discernment, and give us direction and wisdom and insight… basically he does a lot.  And yep, this is exclusively offered to those who trust in Jesus and have entered into a relationship with him – and it makes it SO MUCH easier to understand scripture with his mentorship.  I often hear people make statements about “doing life better” before approaching God – that makes about as much sense as cleaning up before getting in the shower!  God enables us to know him and hear him well through his Holy Spirit.  He speaks to us.

There’s so much more, but I HAVE to stop to underscore something you can’t miss: maybe you’re in a rough place right now.  Maybe right now you’re crying out for rich love, arms to help you bear up, and a reliable strength to force back your foes.  Maybe right now the effort I’ve underscored sounds like an impossible ask in your brokenness, and so I must make clear that I find it remarkable and significant that in my weakest of moments, God pursues me.  Not the other way around.  He answers and speaks to hearts that he knows well and lavishly loves.  He is not unreasonable or harsh, and we do not earn his affection!  I often run to the things that I think will soothe my heartaches most, and in the midst of my vulnerability, God approaches.  And he picks up the reigns and starts speaking to my tarnished heart.  And as he polishes and perfects he whispers truth – and his whisper is as gentle as a feather dusting my back, and as loud and clear as a lion roaring in my heart.  It’s an interesting marriage of senses.  It warms my heart and earns my trust, love and loyalty when I am pursued in such a way.  He beckons me to him as a father calls for his child.

“Call to me and I will answer you.” – Jeremiah 33:3

Sometimes he says yes, sometimes he says no, and sometimes we experience his silence.  Can’t wait to dig into this next time!