You are a daughter of the King. How does that statement resonate with you? There is a benefit of being the child of a king, not because the child did anything, but because of who their father is. There is a certain value that we assign to a child of royalty, a certain dignity or rapport that we deem appropriate, even for the most basic reason as position. And that’s on a human level.

So imagine the enormity of the implications of being claimed as a child of the Lord of Lord and King of Kings. Unless we identify as a daughter of the King, we will not access what we don’t know is ours to claim. And that would be tragic!

As a daughter of the King, you are given access to the king. You are not alone. You are known and loved by the King. You are protected and provided for, prepared and positioned, and you are an heir of his riches. As a daughter of the King, you are immensely valuable, and enormously empowered.

Here’s the thing, all of this will only resonate with us to the degree that we have considered who it is we are claiming as Father. What we believe about who God is and who we are to him, will directly impact if and how we go to him.

What do you believe about who God is?

This is important, because even if I believe I am a daughter of the King, I won’t run to the King if I don’t believe he is good. I won’t utilize access if I don’t really think he loves me. I won’t rest in his promises if I don’t think he’s generous or gentle. Do you see the hinge? We can clamor all of our lives about how we believe God exists, but unless we wrestle with the reality of what that even means to us relationally, we will not access what he offers.

Here’s what Happens:

When we do this, when we know who he is, we rest in places that feel out of control because we know He rules and reigns over storms. We lament properly. We know what is worth grieving because the more we familiarize ourselves with his heart and his mind, we see what is broken in our world, and we can grieve what we were never meant to endure, and look forward to what is surely coming. We celebrate the things that last forever. And they are few. When we know who he is, we stand firm. Because he makes us able. As daughters of the King, we run to the king, because he is a good father. He does not withhold his voice from us, and he does not turn away in disappointment over our errors, and he does not hide when we call to him. He is gentle, and brilliant and even his whispers are sovereign.

You are a daughter of the King of Kings and LORD of Lords. There is no one higher… and you are his child.