There are some very real moments in life that are seriously blow your mind insanely deserving of credit for going above and beyond normal human capacities and into superhero status.  Seriously.  But usually no one notices and if they do the reaction is something wildly exciting and noteworthy like the delivery of a dandelion or a passing pat on the rear — especially if you live with boys.  Moms of boys – we have already discussed our crazy wild sweet little lives, so you probably get this.  And while I’m not knocking the adorable delivery of a dandelion (this can honestly make my heart melt – don’t scoff non parents, it’s adorable); and the “butt pat” in passing from my hubs (perhaps I should clarify who’s handing out what) is sweet and all; but let’s be honest, sometimes you just need a cape.  Something to say, “hey, this chick did something awesome.  Like crazy awesome.  Something a lesser human would not have done.  the cape proves it.”  We don’t need an entire costume, we don’t need a batmobile, or a movie made after us; just a cape you guys, just a cape.  The sound of wind rippling through the crisp fabric strapped around my neck is applause enough, isn’t it?  And since my kids wear these things in full superhero uniform most days, it just makes sense in my world.  I might actually steal one of theirs someday.

Actually, my son asked me to wear one the other night while I was making dinner… so I did.  I was like, this dinner rocks, and you rocked this day, so yes, I will wear the cape.  And even though it got in the way a little bit, I made it work.  And yes, Brandon saw me in it when he got home, and I meant for him to; it was on purpose.

Some stuff happens to your body after manufacturing a child.  I remember hearing that a few months after giving birth, many a nursing mom loses significant portions of her hair.  I was in total denial over the possibility, because, uh, seriously?  You push a watermelon out of your body, offer up your nutrients as life support, and then loose your hair too?  No, it cannot be.  But it happened.  My second born actually soothed himself to sleep by grasping at the strands of hair around my face and neck — and I thought it was adorable.  And then about month 6 just as I was about to celebrate the obvious avoidance of hair loss, I started noticing that when I pulled my hair into a ponytail it was almost like I had reverse layers – there were not enough bobby pins to manage the baby strands of hair that had crept in and exploded all over my head.  But ya know what, I figured it out.  I’ll take that cape.  And to all of you beautiful mamas out there who know what I mean, here’s your cape.  And some hairspray.

Your kids ate all of their green food.  I don’t even care that you misted the heck out of that bottle of spray butter, or unloaded salt or lemon pepper all over it to mask the flavor.  Heck!  I don’t even care if you used a whole gallon of cheese.  Here’s your cape.

A very dear friend of mine got out of the house for some much needed “out of the house” moments with her brand new son.  After a brisk walk through the mall, her little decided he was over the mall.  There was some crying, some shrieking, and eventually she collapsed on a chair for a second to catch her breath and come up with plan B and the inevitable walk back out to the car.  A “helpful” passerby decided to waltz over and inform her that “you know he is crying because he is hungry, right?!”  She did not punch the “helpful” passerby in the face.  Here’s your cape.

Your husband won a case?  Closed a deal?  Landed a new client?  That’s nice.  You took multiple children to the zoo — and you fed them lunch — AND you left nothing in your wake?  Like a diaper bag or a water bottle?!  Here’s your cape.

You guys, my eldest is only 4.  I have a strong feeling that the moments will get heavier and the deserved capes should be longer and more sparkly.  Here’s to the Mom’s that raised us all and did not get a cape.  You might have taken a baseball bat to the basement floor or screamed into some pillows from time to time, but all we saw was hugs, smiles, and ultra creative survival moments.  To all the moms out there who have held up their families with love, and nurturing support without a long flowing cape, let me offer you some imaginary applause.   Here’s your cape.