I just wrapped up a speaking engagement in Manhattan, Kansas, where I was gifted the chance to spend a beautiful and rich morning with some incredible women.  Our topic was “Loving the Lasting,” in a world full of the temporary.  A way of living fueled by a disciplined focus on the unseen and eternal and applied through discipleship.  If you are looking for content/resources to fuel your interest in discipleship and having an eternal perspective, this is for you!  While very different from my typical post, I hope you find it helpful.  It remains my prayer that we would collectively become a more intentional, more impactful, more loving and truth-filled people. And that the promises found in a lifestyle centered on eternal things would both underscore the tremendous gift of love that we are recipients of, and out of our gratitude, catapult us into action rich with meaning and purpose.

Top 5 Blog posts Contributing to Eternal Perspective:

1 – The announcement

2 – Why God wants to be known

3 – People are eternal, a reflection on identity

4 – Cindy Hawks — 2 Essential Eternal Behaviors

5 – Leaving a Legacy

Top 5 resources on loving the lasting (Love God, love people)

1 — Read: The Art of Neighboring ,by Dave Runyon and Jay Pathak: This book will fuel your efforts to take steps toward the people God has placed in close proximity. 

2 — Read: The Divine Mentor, by Wayne Cordeiro:  This book is designed to better prepare and equip you to make the most out of your time with God, to know him more and hear his words to you in an intentional and quite simple way.

3 — Read: The Road Back To You: When you know how you are inclined to respond to stress and respond when in security, and why those around you act the way they do, you are more likely to treat them with dignity and compassion rooted in insight. 

4 — Watch: Starting Point Media Messages: Sometimes,it’s beneficial to reflect on the foundations of Christianity.  Learn how to ask the right questions as you and the people around you are processing the point.  To clarify what actually matters.  And to make profound truth low-hanging fruit.  This 8 part message series from NorthPoint Church is a beautiful way to inspire that.

5 — watch: 60 seconds on sharing your story — This is a North Point ministries resource designed to help you intentionally consider how to share your story.

Top 5 Discipleship resources

1 — IF Discipleship Collective: a discipleship community.

2 — The 5 Thresholds: This video was created to point to the truth about postmodern conversion.  It demonstrates an order that drives understanding and compassion.

3 — Spiritual Multiplication in the Real World, by Bob McNabb: This book is designed to practically support an effort in disciple-making.

4 — Navigators Design for Discipleship: This is a series of 7 small books designed to help you grow in Christ and help others do the same.

5 — New Morning Mercies, by Paul Tripp — If loving God and engaging with him is pursuing eternal things, in this daily devotional inspired by tweets, Paul Tripp does an excellent job of inspiring with thoughtful truth-centered revelations.

Should you have a recommendation to add to this list, please feel free to comment!