We just walked through the topic of “Why Does God Want to be Known,” and how his glory is our benefit — that our lives will never be so fantastic as when we are in relationship with Him (fun post).  Which begs the question: ever wonder why sin is so fun?  Ever participated in stuff that would have been considered biblically “off-track,” and stopped to wonder why the world didn’t come crashing down around you? Ever consider the fact that so frequently engagements in sin bring some level of satisfaction and fulfillment?  Scripture makes it clear that Jesus came to bring life, and freedom, and purpose, and access to His promises.  So why then, does sin still seem so appealing? (Enter: not so fun post).

“For I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out. For I do not do the good I want to do, but the evil I do not want to do — this I keep on doing.” —Romans 7:18b,19

Even Paul wrestled with this stuff guys!

I believe it is important to acknowledge that we have an enemy who is deeply insightful.  He is keenly aware of who God is, what we mean to him, and what our lives could be if he were truly to rule and reign in our hearts.  He is not going to approach you with a pitchfork and a bright red costume as he whispers into your ear to go murder your neighbor.  No – that would be far to obvious.  He is crafty.  And he is well rehearsed.  He has been around a LOT longer than we have, and his intent is to keep us from knowing God.  He does this by twisting truth and offering alternative options.  Most of the time those options are easier to take hold of, a shortcut of sorts.  They don’t even have to all be BAD, just fall short of the greatness God has for us.  Our enemy observes us and watches for the things he might use to distract from the bigger and better offer on the table.

“…Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” – 1 Peter 5:8

“The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy.” – John 10:10

Hang with me peeps, it makes me uncomfortable too.

I love wine.  I think it’s wonderful.  Ever had a glass from a $10 bottle which was opened a couple days prior?  Ugh.  But you might roll with it thinking it was alright until you tasted the good stuff.  Napa wine.  Paired with cheese.  Yum.

Sin is often offered as an alternative taste to what we’re meant for.  A Counterfeit – often difficult to recognize unless you know the real thing very well.  Satan, our enemy (very different from God’s equal opposite — which he is not) knows the satisfaction that comes with a life lived in full submission to Jesus.  He is a master of enticing with temporary pleasures.  But even the seemingly harmless sensualities are scandalously dangerous engagements because they give us a substitute for fullness – and we settle for a twisted version of the glory we were meant for.

This part breaks my heart.

The end result is at best stolen glories and false hope; at worst total brokenness.  Our brokenness isn’t usually immediate – but a slew of fractures that leave their cumulative marks.  Sometimes we never realize what we’re missing because the little destroyers we have befriended never broke us, they just took us captive never to live in the freedom of what we were meant for.   But the truth is that whether we realize it or not, without Jesus, we’re missing out.

We can defend against this cruel blinding option to life by figuring out what we’re going to do with Jesus — claiming his promises, and maintaining an eternal perspective.  God is SO GOOD because he is frank with us.  He gives us clear leadership into a very full very eternally gratifying life.

I know this is a tough subject.  Eternal stuff can be sometimes.  And I go there because my deep prayer is that we would not waste our precious blink of an eye lives on twisted versions of greatness.  That we would decide to embrace the life that truly sets us free.