What story is your life telling? When people get around you, what message are they leaving with?

This summer we wrapped up a trip to Utah. Hiking (along with the rest of the world during a pandemic) has become one of our favorite things to do. And while there is some great places to see in Omaha, Nebraska; you’re just not going to see mountains… that’s not really our thing. But in Zion, or Bryce, or the Grand Canyon… holy wordless awe. I actually braved a small climb so Brandon could snap a picture (my boys had already fearlessly accomplished this horrifying task) and he yelled up at me, “Hey, stop squatting and stand up!” I realized that perhaps that inch closer to the peak I was claiming by bending my knees was probably not going to save my life if I slipped… so, I gave it my best effort to straighten up. I walked back to the lodge still shaking a little in the wake of that tiny adventure under the conviction that there is one worthy of our tremble. The awe that grips your heart when gazing upon the immense is a reminder of the one who thought it up. Even the mountains tell a wordless story.

There is One worthy of the awe gripping your heart

“Praise the Lord from the earth… you mountains and all hills… let them praise the name of the LORD, for his name alone is exalted… And he has raised up for his people a horn, the praise of all his faithful servants, of Israel, the people close to his heart.” —Psalm 148:7a,9a,13a,14

There is something about the gargantuan that incites some reverence — some justifiable fear. I would not say that the mountains were scary, but overlooking the ledge quickened the pace of my heart. And while there were no words beyond the wind and sun and unchanging splendor… there was a word that came to mind as I looked upon it all…


It’s what these mountains were doing. From their very birth these gargantuan hills have stood. While climates have changed and history has progressed, they have proclaimed and pointed, beckoned wonder, and ceaselessly testified of the one who spoke words and brought them into existence. Looking at them is like visual applause. More… because clapping would suggest praise, but this is something more… it’s witnessing a testimony. To be near any portion of creation, you learn something about the creator. The magnitude of the mountains beg me to consider the magnitude of the one who imagined them.

Created Creature

My brother calls my niece, “sweet creature.” It’s precious. And he’s right — we’re creatures too. As created image-bearers of a King, we testify as well. What does your story say? Because here’s the thing — your person is worthy of an observed point. There is a tremendous love story behind your life. Do you know this?! Not only is that true, but what is also true is that we will proclaim something — we will testify to something we believe about who we are and who’s we are. Because we are forever people made for a forever with the one who delights in you. To what do you testify? To what do you point?

For more check out Psalm 148.