I’m enamored with the idea of appreciating eternal things.  Eternal.  It’s attractive because the word itself is just radiating purpose and depth.   It’s powerful because it matters — and ultimately impacts our incentives.  It’s a breath of life to the most mundane of tasks when they are linked to something of infinite significance.  Not all things are eternal.  Which absolutely places a range of  value distinctions on those things our lives touch.  To say that not all things are created equal is bold.  And should we claim this as truth, we are wise to weigh out our worries with the eternal in mind.  Truthfully, this effort is a discipline.  

I’m enamored with the idea of the eternal… and yet, somehow it still takes diligence to practice this perspective — to let it touch what I touch, to see the world through this lens. 


One night this summer my boys had been put to bed (which a loose concept for us over here), and I thought, “this lady needs a run.  Badly.  When was the last time I did this….?” And I took off with my music and my very confused muscles.  When I got back, the sweet boys God lets me parent, had apparently watched me take off from their bedroom window, and upon my victorious and slightly winded entrance, they exclaimed:

“Mom!  What are you doing?!  What is going on?!” 

Seriously.  And part of me wanted to respond with equal animation,

“I don’t know, you guys!” 

You see, I really do love running.  I find it peaceful, and (hang with me) a way to slow my productivity pace.  It gives me time to think, pray, jam, NOT be needed by anyone for a few minutes, and just suck some air through my lungs.  It’s glorious.  But if I’m being honest, I am not even close to getting out on a routine.  NOT even close.  Why?  I have not prioritized the practice — even though I like it!  It is the same way with eternal stuff.  If we are not routinely lingering over truth claims, in an effort to reset the focus of our hearts… though we claim it, nothing about our lives reflects it.  If I told someone I loved to run, they might look at my spotless Nike’s, smile and think, “huh. Nope.”  If you claim to love eternal things, how would the people who love you, who are really up close and in your business respond?

An eternal perspective changes everything.

I started blogging in 2014 with this statement.  I still do not presuppose that I completely appreciate the full strength of this fixing of our eyes, and likely will not until I find myself in Heaven.  But until Heaven, I long to take long dips in this pool of truth.  So… let’s get some use out of our running shoes. let’s linger on the eternal.

Lingering on the eternal does 3 big things:

  1. It changes our relationships.
  2. It changes our definition of success.
  3. It offers hope and rest.

Exactly how does an eternal perspective change the above? It’s a good question to marinate on.  Let’s think about it together.  I welcome your thoughts!