“When you forget eternity, you tend to lose sight of what’s important.  When you lose sight of what’s truly important, you live for what is temporary, and your heart seeks for satisfaction where it cannot be found.” — Paul Tripp

If you could fill in the blank: “_________ changes everything.” what would you say? Maybe God has etched something into your heart. I bet He has. About 15 years ago I became gripped with the conviction that an eternal perspective changes everything, and in 2014 we launched the blog Unseen and Eternal. After a few years there was some space required for some stretching. And I couldn’t have been more excited when this summer as we were hiking in Zion National Park, I sensed a stirring back towards this space.

Because I still believe that an eternal perspective changes everything.

It changes our values, how we define success, the way we see people, how we perceive loss, the way we love, and how we parent. It directs our dollars and drives discernment, impacts our identity, reframes relationships, and it matters to everyone. Literally everyone. When our eyes are fixed on the unseen and eternal we have hope. And when we pour out our lives, we’ll spend them on the things that ripple into forever because the temporary will lose its luster.

Doesn’t that sound amazing?! I want to better claim this way of seeing things.

We are eternal people who are made to do eternal things. So my hope is that we might develop the habit of looking at life with a fresh filter. That as we do that, our hearts would be formed by the Word God offers us and the hope to which he calls us. That we would be firmly planted in the truth about who we are — and as a result, our investments would be rich endeavors as we answer the question: ________ changes everything! What next step might God be calling you into because your eyes were fixed on the unseen and eternal?

While there will still be the weekly posts you may have come to anticipate in previous years, we’re going to have a few new items too. Some of them are STILL BEING DEVELOPED and I CANNOT wait to share them. But what you can plan on are these new things:

  1. A Moment with Mimi. Multigenerational perspective is valuable. Maybe even under-accessed. So you’ll hear from a woman who delights in discipleship, is seasoned in ministry, and goes by “Mimi,” to her 6 grandkids. Each month you’ll see her short topical post — including an invitation to act. It’s going to be amazing. You can find her posts here.
  2. Recipes! Not everyone has the gargantuan gift of an Italian trained pastry chef for a sister-in-law. But my brother is a smart guy, and we’re all benefiting from it. Now you will too. While you’re pouring into the forever people around you, it’s very likely you’re making a few dinners for them too. So, Julie is here to make that experience delicious for you. You’ll find her recipes here.
  3. Resources. Lots of them. For study, for reading, for the kids. Check it out Resources.

You guys… there’s more to come. If you want heads up on what we roll out, subscribe here today. I am honored you are here and I am rooting for you!